Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mamma Mia

WOW this was a fabulous musical. My wonderful hubby pulled off Row 13, center, orchestra section seats in the Bass Hall. I LOVED it. Great story and the music was fantastic. Of course I must beat my younger blogging friend to the punch and say yes it was ABBA music which was popular when she was arriving into this world. Oh well all I can say is I am a Dancing Queen, young and sweet, wishing I was 17.............I can dance, I can jive, having the time of my life.

Who's ABBA?

Must have been before my time.

I am so proud of you for bloggin!

And, by the way, all this love between you and your husband is going to have to be kept between the two of you....our husbands might start thinking things.
to kellie,
liar liar pants on're not that young!
What makes me really laugh is imagining my sweet blondie friend from indiana doing the jive!
Your daughter was FABULOUS! You should be so proud of her! I was really impressed!
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