Friday, July 14, 2006

Ok here I go my first real official Post. I am not sure why I created this thing anyway?? I guess it is so in a year I can look back (as my friend did) and see all of the wonderful things that have occured in my life.

10. You don't know what a blog is until your friend has one for 6 months and asks you why you haven't read it.
9. You creat a blog and then do not post on it for 2 months.
8. You have dial up internet!
7. You have a teenager that is always on the "her space"
6. You have another teenage whos job requires him to be on the computer all the time.
5. You have another teenager that loves addicting
4. You work over 40 hours a week and don't have time to blog because you are so drained from employees calling just because the drawer in the file cabinet broke again.
3. You are older than all 2 of your blogging friends.
2. You have NO idea who in the world is going to be interested in your stuff when they have their own issues.
And the number ONE reason you should not be a blogger.......
1. You can't even find the blog you created and let alone remember the password.

Fabulous entry girl...Very Funny! And so true! It just goes to show that an old gal can learn new tricks! (notice that I say this from very far away!) You know I love you! ANd I look forward to reading semi-frequent postings...

When you are ready to be linked from my blog let me know...

Woohoo! I love it...made me laugh out loud...although these days my laugh sounds dangerously close the the Jokers cackel (or is it cackle?) And I have to say that my second thought was just like Kellie's ...I'll link this to my blog...but following my considerate friend's lead...I let you say if you are ready for this or not. Although to be honest there isn't much risk nobody reads our blogs except the three of us and occassional family members who feel sorry for us! Blog on Bec you'll get addicted...I'm sure you could tell some hilarious, obviously anonymous, especially anatomically and entymologically correct stories about work! :)
Ok, I loved that. Felt like you were talking about me. You forgot one though,
"when you take everything serious and don't yet understand 'blogging humor'". I am Lara's sister and they have been making quite fun of me. I am still trying to get used to the anonymous, yet not really anonymous post.
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