Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bon Voyage

In less than 6 hours we will leave our home and head south towards Galveston to board the Conquest for 7 lovely days with out email or cell phones. We are all so excited to sail out into the beautiful Carribean Sea. After 52 hours of work this week the first thing I am going to do is catch up on some Z's. Ya man we are going to visit Jamacia, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. As I listen to the dryer tumble the last of the laundry I think about my blogging friends and their laundry wars. Well wait til I get back that may have to be my first picture post....the large pile of laundry I will face after taking 5 people on a ship for 7 days! But right now no worries!
We are off to find nemo and good Jamacian coffee that I will share with my new neighbor & blogging friend.

Yipee! Hey it sounds like you are taking my honeymoon cruise! Have a BLAST!!!!
Hey wait a minute...Forget the coffee you are going to Jamacia bring RUM!
I hope y'all have a fabulous time! THere better be some good bloggin when you get back...especially since i cannot partake in the coffee and rum party!
AREN'T YOU HOME YET? Kids start school on Wednesday! :)
Okay didn't anyone have a digital camera on this cruise? I waiting to see pictures...and by the way where is that Rum you promised...oh yeah my bad it was coffee not Rum....hummm just come over I'll supply the rum! (and the Johnny Depp movie :)
I personally think she opted to stay in Jamaica. I am sure she meant to bring you back some Rum. But she accidently drank it while sitting on the beach with corn rows in her blonde hair and is still sitting there trying to figure out if she was supposed to get on back on the boat this SUnday or last. At least htat is what I am choosing to believe since the woman knows we are all living vicariously through her 7 day cruise while the rest of us have folded laundry and pined away until the day when we would click to this blog and see that she was sending some blogger love...with rum.
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