Thursday, August 03, 2006

Forgive me blogger friends for it has been 7 days since my last blog. Oh well I didn't figure you were in the habit of routinely checking my blog anyway so it's prolly not a problem. So what do I blog about that would keep your interest? Well let's see how about why I am up at 4 am well I actually haven't been to bed so technically I haven't gotten up. OK well I remember why I don't work nights anymore, I get totally delirious when I haven't had sleep and I have had 120 ounces of diet coke in the last 22 hours. You see I am waiting on y sweet friend Denice to have her baby and of course being a labor and delivery nurse I know these things take time, but we are so excited to see Peyton Katherine. I have decided this must a little of what it is like to have grandchildren. (KLA if you comment on that you are dead meat!) I feel more like the aunt since Peyton's mommy and I are the same age. So until later my 2 blogger friends I am off to the coke machine for more DC or maybe I will make some La Vida Dulce. TTYL

Stayed tuned Next blog 7 day cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding? I check you blog daily. it's kind of like going over to your house and visiting a post away!
I'm hooked too...check your blog all the now that you know...the pressure is on :) Now don't feel like you have to be as good a photographer as KLA or as witty as me just pour your heart out (just kidding like KLA or I ever tell our true secrets in our blogs...that's what long distance phone calls are for) you could at least put funny annonymous hospital stories!
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