Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

Well well well. 7 days of pure bliss! What is better than cruising around the the carribean, eating all you want and enjoying your family? NOTHING! 7 days days of pure hell! What is worse than coming back from vacation? 12 loads of laundry, going back to work, not having time to blog and an upper respiriatory infection.
Sorry ladies I could not find the energy to do anything last week. No I was not hung over on rum under a pile of laundry although that would have been better than coming back and being sick!
Ok enough whining!
The cruise was fabulous and yes Lara I did bring back rum as well as the coffee. Next week we have a date! Kel we will toast ya and try not to be overloaded before noon. With the coffee I mean. (Lara what she doesn't know won't hurt her!) OK you know I am new at this blogging stuff so here goes my first attempt at posting a picture.
First stop on the cruise was Jamacia, Ya Mon. Actually, we said no mon a lot more shopping was a little scary everyone wanting to braid your hair and sell you their stuff. Then we went down to Doctors Cave a private beach andthat was fun. tThis picture is the beach and hotels behind the beach (the tourist) part of Jamacia.

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