Monday, September 11, 2006

The blogging Queen is holding me hostage and making me blog before I depart the beautiful south. For a novice blogger it is difficult to blog under pressure. I will do my best only because there is chocolate involved. Actually it has been a weekend full of chocolate countered with walking three miles and drinking diet coke :) I must say it was a fun weekend filled with walks on the beach, talks on the beach and ooooow wait a minute that is sounding a little mushy. so let me say the most interesting part of the trip was a visit to a little shop called Grannies Panties. Actually it was a wonderful old house filled with vintage items and was called Everthing but...Grannies Panties although I think I saw them burried under a pile of "vintage" clothing. I would hesitate to say that everything in there was vintage since I remeber wearing and using some of the items I saw in there. Now I know the blogging Queen has refered to me as her vintage friend but you know what she is no spring chicken. My eye sight is definately better than hers she kept thinking the bouys on the ocean were birds. I better sign off and get out of this computer room before she comes in and flogs the blogger.I am going to head back to the ant ranch and La Vida Loca .
Only a crazy person schedules a flight on 911. See ya back in Texas :)

Yipee you made it!
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