Friday, September 22, 2006

My vintage find

I mentioned that when I went to see my friend (that becomes anxious in clutter) that we went to a vintage store. This was my bargain. For $2 I bought a not very old omelet maker. Now in the past I have made omelets the old fashioned way with a regular pan. My kids really enjoy omelets and I enjoy kitchen gadgets so I thought this was perfect. The omelets tasted delicious and even looked good!

And it is oh so friendly too. Who wouldn't want to wake up to a friendly "good morning" over an omellette. You can make me one when I come in December.
Also, how inthe world did you get a post that is dated 9/22/06 on there?

You have such serious blogging issues.
OK....the Rooster is cute but it's time to feed the blog.
I hate you spoil your and Kellie's fun...BUT I POSTED!
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