Friday, September 22, 2006


I received this magazine in my mail box and thought that the postmaster had made an error and put it in the wrong PO BOX. I investigated and found that it was addressed to me. HMMMMMMMM I think a practical joke from a friend or a sign from above. As I looked at the cover and saw the title "99 Inspiring Reasons to Run" I immediately thought of 100 good reasons not to. The magazine caught my attention so I opened it up. Now don't get me wrong I am not opposed to running or anything it has just been a long time since I have done it. My days of a 3 or 4 mile run went away after my first child. (and he is 17) anyway I opened up the magazine and saw lots of adds for running shoes and energy bars. I read articles of real people who have started running for example the 402 man from the Biggest loser who lost half his body weight and is training for a marathon. I will keep the magazine in view and see if it helps in the mean time it will be one foot in front of the other as I walk the track. To all my running friends I say go get em! By the way they sent me this magazine because I "ran" a local 5K in February. Don't tell them I actually walked it because they are sending me two more free issues. Might be a great reason to get some new sneakers eh!

I'm sure that guy is airbrushed and I bet he takes illegal performance enhancing drugs! :)
Give me the drugs and create an airbrush big enough I am ready!
He may look good but I bet he can't run an 8 minute mile!

He probably runs a four minute mile and uses the extra 4 minutes to run over to Bec's house for an egg white omelette.
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