Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Look New Name

I discovered people out there actually read my blog. So in honor of that I am creating my very own personal blog. You say well what did you have before? It was a spin off of La Vida Dulce who I might add has taught me everything I know about blogging and who bugs bloggers to death until they update their post. (Right Lara) You see she "told" me to read hers and then told me to create one and being the loyal friend I am I obeyed. Now I might add it is a lot of fun and a great way to keep up with those far away. So on that note meh, I hope you will get the blogging bug and create a blog of your own so we can keep up with Michigan.(BTW you can now comment on mine) Anyway the name came from the fact that I live on a Texas Ranch, however prior to cattle the only thing we had on our ranch were Fire Ants. Mr Ant Rancher spent all his time trying to heard those things hence the name the Ant Ranch. Since then we have added a horse, cattle, a peacock and many different dogs and cats who have come and gone thanks to the howling friends of the night. So as you can see life is crazy on the ant ranch.

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