Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Look New Name

I discovered people out there actually read my blog. So in honor of that I am creating my very own personal blog. You say well what did you have before? It was a spin off of La Vida Dulce who I might add has taught me everything I know about blogging and who bugs bloggers to death until they update their post. (Right Lara) You see she "told" me to read hers and then told me to create one and being the loyal friend I am I obeyed. Now I might add it is a lot of fun and a great way to keep up with those far away. So on that note meh, I hope you will get the blogging bug and create a blog of your own so we can keep up with Michigan.(BTW you can now comment on mine) Anyway the name came from the fact that I live on a Texas Ranch, however prior to cattle the only thing we had on our ranch were Fire Ants. Mr Ant Rancher spent all his time trying to heard those things hence the name the Ant Ranch. Since then we have added a horse, cattle, a peacock and many different dogs and cats who have come and gone thanks to the howling friends of the night. So as you can see life is crazy on the ant ranch.

Are you kidding? A peacock? Emma would be sooooo jealous!
Love the new web much better than orange.

ANd I love the Ant Ranch too. It has one of the best guest beds in the state of TX.
Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I've recently come to enjoy your blog also and I love your new look. Thanks for the explanation on the Ant Ranch. I've always wondered! I, too, want to be more consistent in blogging. Having someone read it makes it more motivating, I think. Blog on!
Feed the blog.
Hey Mrs. Ant Rancher, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to respond to your blog directly. By the way, I actually don't need my own blog, because A. I am not really very creative and 2. I can just respond on my friend's blogs without having to have my own! Don't feel too used. Kellie will talk me into it one of these days I am sure!
OK now...for heavens sake it has been18 days...

Meh...You DO need to start a blog...I will get it all set up for you and then you go for it...or perhaps we can have a little tutoring and setting up of your blog while you are here. And then I will actually be able to read a blog by someone who actually UPDATES!!!!! Not that I am bitter or anything....
new look new name...NO NEW POSTS :)
I was checking kla's blog and I thought oh crud I forgot bl had a blog...I'd better check...hummmm OCTOBER? this is Jan 07...Bible study hasn't been THAT hard! :)
You discovered that people out there read your blog and then decided to maliciously toy with their emotions by NEVER POSTING AGAIN...OK I bet money/or a Route 44 something...that you have forgotten your password! :)

I am hoping that someday, in a year or two, when you look at this blog again, that you laugh at the posts you get...even when you don't blog!

I wish I was there to celebrate with you! Your card is going to be late. As usual! But this year my excuse is that I was moving.

And hear is a true confession. For some reason I always think your birthday is in April. So when I research in my hand-dandy Birthday Book and find your birthday is in June I always think I have a lot more time. This year I was panicking because my Birthday Book (BB) got packed by the movers and I kept waiting to hear you say that you had gotten together with the girls for your birthday, or that your staff had bought you a nice cake, or that the Ant Rancher had bought you a nice gift. But you never said anything and I thought to myself that when I got a hold of the BB i would just ask for forgiveness. But when I unpacked it I realized that I had worried all for nothing. And that I should have probably just asked you, since I have asked you every April for the last 7 years anyway!

Know that I love you!

Dear Mrs. Ant Farmer...I mean Rancher,
Happy Birthday from Michigan!!!

Please, won't you please blog something so that I can hear what is going on in your world!!!???
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